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We meet your Business Intelligence needs using a collaborative approach which creates a unique experience, equipping our clients to make strategic decisions based upon well-designed and universally understood information. More on Incisive Analytics.

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Methodology Overview
Incisive Analytics specializes in Business Intelligence solutions that focus on custom-designed databases using industry-standard tools and best practice design. Our focus is to to collaboratively design and deliver results that solve your most challenging business analytics and information-related problems. Our approach allows companies with a disciplined Business Intelligence approach to achieve a clear competitive advantage in their markets.

Quickly, sometimes as soon as one quarter, you know the answer. Either you got the value you expected or you didn‘t. We know you‘ll learn a lot about the process, your team‘s technical capabilities and the best way to do BI at your company.

Phase 1 - Getting Started
Creating a Strong Foundation for BI

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Phase 2 - Design and Implementation
Turning Ideas Into Action

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Tool and Platform Agnostic Methodology and Solutions

  • Our award-winning methodology is tool-agnostic.
  • We understand the complexity of choices in the BI marketplace and work with a wide range of platforms: Sungard Banner System, Peoplesoft, Datatel, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, Cognos, Business Objects, SAP and Tableau just to name a few.
  • We provide full-lifecycle Business Intelligence and Data Governance solutions: needs discovery, tool selection, technical design, construction, implementation that support your organization’s migration into a "Culture of Analytics."
  • We like to form a hybrid team with your subject matter experts and matching technical resources for better knowledge transfer and progress.
  • Clients comment they know more about their business when we leave than when they engaged us.
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Data Governance Methodology: Providing Data for Decision-Making  

Incisive Analytics uses a proven data governance methodology that can be implemented as one entire engagement or incrementally as a series of modules across time or organizational units. In general, the objectives of the methodology are to:

  • Establish an effective and efficient company-wide Data Governance program.
  • Build a clear understanding of best practice company Data Governance processes and practices.
  • Create an understanding of the challenges and benefits of company Data Governance.
  • Understand shared Data Quality Governance between business and IT.
  • Understand of best practice Data Quality measures.
  • Data Quality impact on company Business Intelligence success.

At the executive level, the Incisive Analytics team will work with you to identify the strategic need for Data Governance and the level of senior support. At the management or more operational level, Incisive Analytics will work with your teams to establish Data Stewardship programs and conduct baseline Data Quality assessments.

The proven methodology focuses on the following as a whole or as separate modules:

  • Establishment of a formal statement regarding the value of Data Governance
  • Design an enterprise Data Governance Strategy and Roadmap
  • Assess, Design and identify Data Quality issues
  • Establish enterprise Data Governance process
    • Establish Data Governance organization
    • Establish Metadata Stewardship
    • Establish Data Stewardship programs
    • Establish Data Standards
  • Evaluate maturity and opportunities for current Data Governance programs
  • Conduct Data Quality Assessment
  • Establish metrics for ongoing assessment, monitoring and reporting

Experience and Expertise Make a Difference

We've done enough BI solutions to know the secret lies in best practice design and digestible project chunks. We create a collaborative team with your best resources and ours to focus on the urgent and strategic problems unique to your organization. We believe in the value of a hybrid team and strive for each client to be more empowered at the end of an engagement than at the beginning. Do you know more now that you did before we got here? Have you had a Net Brain Gain?

Incisive Analytics’ blend of Applied Statistics, technical skill, project management and business leadership provides you with a full-service consulting service. Our teams possess industry specific knowledge and bring unsurpassed complementary skills in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Management, Data Integration and Modeling (Applied Statistics). With a significant number of engagements and expertise, Incisive Analytics leverages our experience and expertise in partnership with your team members. We believe this provides our clients a more personalized experience and enables us to achieve a level of Net Brain Gain about which our clients rave.


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Our approach allows companies with a disciplined Business Intelligence approach to achieve a clear competitive advantage in their markets.

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